Biometric attendance system- Stupendous method to track records

The biometric attendance software system is a kind of a virtual attendance maintaining process, by which an organization keeps an update on the employees' attendance, in & out timings and count on salary days. Biometric means there is a sensor in the machinery which actually reads the thumbprint of the employee whenever they enter the premises of the office building. This device is placed at the entrance only so that people punch their thumb in the sensor plate and gate opens for them while counting the attendance for the day.

Why is biometric attendance system required?

The necessity to plant a biometric attendance system on the entrance of the office premises is increasing to prevent the proxy attendance scenario. Many employees used to come late and enter the office timing only while doing the signature in the register. This pattern was followed since decades, and that is why many employees who used to come on time started feeling cheated. To maintain transparency, trust, and loyalty amongst employer and employees of the organization, biometric attendance system is followed.

Features of the biometric attendance system

  • It helps in maintaining the true attendance records
  • Fair salary receipt according to the correct attendance record is provided
  • It allows an employee to enter only when he or she punches their thumbprint first
  • For extra working hours, you get incentive when you punch thumb after working hours are over
  • It not only favors employers, even beneficial for employees too